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May 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
to the united states for study. >> present obama was talking about consequences in europe that may have the fact here at home. we will be back a minute. >> it is. president obama is trying to avoid a calamity that could resonate or why. friday he elected nearly elected french president. french president has been threatened to remove troops in afghanistan. president obama will try to stall it appeared >> thousands of protesters are processing in chicago in irian the have many different agendas. let's take a live look outside and sentences up. -- at san francisco. it is misty out there. be back in a minute. we're back at 7:16 a.m.. we are looking of florida. and lost for the first commercial rocket to be launched was scrap the last minute. this company would make history by launching this rocket to the international space station. they will attend this again. >> tamara about 30,000 walkers well be an lockean or running the bay a brace -- beta breakers race. here is a look what you should expect. >> anticipated wreckers weekend. is bay to breakers weekend. the race day starts its seven
May 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
. thrive. >> >> >>henry: a candidate for the president of united states. she is dr. jill stein. sivas in a debate yesterday in the bay area. flat out, you think you have a chance of winning? . >> and jill-i am not holding my breath, but i am not ruling it out. right now we have competing public relations for wall street sponson businesses. we are making the point that we have made progress and out the last pass several centuries through independent small parties that drive this. whether it is the socialist labor party the women's are devoted moulmein, -- the women's right to vote movement. it is a win where ever we come out. >>henry: of the suit there are also some issues the you can put forward to discuss with other candidates. >>jeff: >> -doctors a dying. dr. stein. we're seeing massive bail outs from the is president. he has raised the problems of george bush and had even gone further. he has disregarded the climate. he has neglected trade agreements. would establish a green need steel. we can do that now for about the costa -- the price of one of the stimulus packages. andy >>
May 20, 2012 8:00am PDT
to be the first american to win >> he has represented the united states into different olympic teams. >> he went to college at ucla. >> he is a great young man. 70 ethiopians and the kenyans have a wonderful tradition. to me, it looks like she came here with the specific full of not only will meet the wishes to raise that tried to win the battle of the breakers. she has thrown down the gauntlet early on. she has thrown caution to the wind, so to speak. she is on pace st. help. remember, the first person to the top of pastry filled gets a $5,000 bonus. >> to have this big of a lead this early on means she is head and shoulders above everyone else fitness wise or, she has come in with the specific goal to with the challenge. >>pam: she just crusted the top of the hill. we know that she has at least that $5,000 bonus money. >> if you are the first person to the top of the help, you're cruising down while the others are going down. it is a great strategy on her part. now, she believed in her league. she already had a pretty commanding lead. she will lead the lead on every stride. >>pam: she won a 12
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3